जिओ और जीने दो               णमो अरिहंताणं        ।       णमो सिद्धाणं        |       णमो आयरियाणं        |       णमो उवज्झायाणं        |       णमो लोए सव्व साहूणं        |       एसो पंच णमोक्कारो        |       सव्व पावप्पणासणो        |       मंगलाणं च सव्वेसिं        |       पडमम हवई मंगलं

Welcome to Jainvivha.com this is an online matrimonial portal and a division of Jainvivha.com. We provide safe & secure premium online matrimonial services in which you search and find your matrimonial partner. And it is designed to provide an easy way for our members to meet each other on the Web. We are strongly committed to your privacy. We do not sell or misuse any of your private registration information like Aadhaar number, name, phone no, address or email. We share your private information to our paid members only.

All the information presented on Jainvivha.com is controlled and managed by Jainvivha.com. Any kind of copying of the material or the commercial use of information found on Jainvivha.com is prohibited without the express consent of Jainvivha.com online matrimonial service.

Jainvivha.com allows the profile to be created by friend or relative. If such individual does not wish this information to be displayed on the website, he/she has the option to hide the information on the website.

Jainvivha.com may display your pictures uploaded on the website to promote your profile. If such member doesn’t want to display or lock the pictures, she/he has the option to protect the pictures from the website.

We display your online/offline status just to enable visitors to contact you quickly.

How secure is my financial information on Jainvivha.com?

While upgrading to the premium membership, the system asks you to enter credit card information. Such information is encrypted and is protected with the best encryption software in the industry - SSL.

We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time based on your comments and we will be notified to our members through email.

If you have any questions about this privacy statement or your dealings with this Web site, please email us at info@jainvivha.com